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The truth behind Lindsay’s Elle shoot

Lindsay Lohan looks sensational on the cover of the new issue of Elle, but her antics at the magazine photo shoot left the Elle team going crazy – so much so that they wrote all about it in the article! Lindsay Lohan (Rankin/courtesy of ELLE magazine)

Elle’s editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy dished the dirt on the diva in her editor’s letter: “Lindsay Lohan wrote me a note during this month’s cover shoot. It read, ‘Let’s do it again some time.’ I’ve put it on my office wall because, in all honesty, I don’t know if I could. This was the most unpredictable and confusing cover shoot in my magazine career.

“First, Lindsay was about to arrive,” she continued. “Then she was in Paris. She was almost on set, then she disappeared into her hotel room. She was ready for her interview, then she had to have a fake tan! But we got there. And what we got was amazing. This shoot is truly original, just like Ms Lohan herself.”

The controversy surrounding the shoot was heightened when it was reported that £24,000 in jewellery that Lindsay had worn for the photos had gone missing. A police investigation was launched and the star was expected to be questioned, along with everyone else at the shoot. She was cleared of any wrongdoing.

To watch the behind-the-scenes footage of Lindsay’s cover shoot with Elle, visit elle.tv

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