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Robbie Williams: did he really propose?

Robbie Williams has managed to cause a bit of confusion by apparently asking his girlfriend to marry him on an Australian radio show.
Robbie Williams, PA Photos

The singer, who has been a bit of a bachelor throughout his career, was on Sydney 2Day FM on the Kyle and Jackie O Show last week with Ayda Field (the girlfriend in question) when he reportedly popped the question.

He said: "Will you marry me? I love you so much, would you mind being my betrothed until the end of time?" and she replied: "I would love to be your betrothed until the end of time."

However, before you get too excited at the idea of an A-list celebrity wedding, the proposal has been written off by Robbie’s spokesman. He claimed it was just a joke. Despite this, Robbie’s mum Jan is adamant it was a genuine engagement. In a radio interview, she said: "He wanted to do something different. She’s a lovely girl and I’m really pleased for them. I’ve got a daughter-in-law."

We wait with baited breath for the truth. Is Robbie finally going to be united in holy matrimony?

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