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Rihanna’s ex sentenced

Chris Brown was sentenced to six months of community service in an LA courtroom on Tuesday, for his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna earlier this year.

Chris Brown (PA Photos) The singer was also ordered by the Superior Court judge not to have any contact with Rihanna – verbal or physical – for five years. This means no phone calls, texts or emails. If the pair are at the same showbiz event, Chris can’t come within 10 metres of Rihanna, and at all other times, the minimum distance between them should be 100 metres. A violation of this order could see Brown go to prison.

Brown, who also has to pay fines and attended domestic violence classes, attacked Rihanna, his girlfriend of over a year, in March. When asked if Rihanna was upset about the ruling, her lawyer said: "There were no surprises today. The decision was up to the court, not Rihanna."

Last month, Chris apologised for the attack, admitting he could have handled the situation better and that he is "truly sorry".

His sentence might seem harsh to some, especially the five year probation, but is it enough for the crime? Does Chris deserve such a strict order, or do you think he got off lightly considering Rihanna’s injuries? Leave a comment below.

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