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Peter Andre: ‘Worst months of my life’

Peter Andre has just given his first interview since his split from Katie Price, on Radio 1’s Chris Moyles show, admitting the break-up has been “the worst few months” of his life.

Peter Andre (PA Photos)“I’m not gonna lie. I’m absolutely gutted,” the singer said. “Look… she’s the mother of my children and there’ll always be love… I don’t know what to say.”

Peter told Chris he didn’t leave Katie on a whim, but refused to slag off his estranged wife, explaining his children were probably listening to the interview. “There’s a lot to it. I definitely knew what I had to do. I’m obviously never mentioning the reasons, but there’s not just one reason,” he said.

When Chris asked if there was a chance the couple might reconcile, Peter said there was “no way”. “What’s done is done, you know? Let’s not forget that there are far bigger problems in the world. But when you are in your own situation it feels like the biggest problem in the world. The hardest bit of all of this is the acceptance and when you can accept it then you can move forward. I’m just going through the acceptance bit now.”

Radio 1 then gave the first play of Peter’s new single, Behind Closed Doors, released on August 10.

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