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Matt Lucas’s ‘ex-husband’ hangs himself

The exLittle Britain star Matt Lucas, left, with his long-term partner TV producer Kevin McGee after their wedding ceremony held at private members' club Home House in central London.-partner of Little Britain star Matt Lucas was found dead in his flat yesterday by police.

Kevin McGee, 32, a TV producer, had reportedly been battling drug addiction for a while, and posted a suicide note of sorts on his Facebook page shortly before he was found dead in his home. In his status on the social networking site, he wrote: ‘Kevin McGee thinks that death is much better than life.” Friends replied to the statement, but it was a shock to everyone when news broke out that he had hung himself.

The couple divorced last year, with Lucas claiming it was due to McGee’s drug use. However, a friend of the actor has said that “he always loved Kevin despite their differences and their difficult marriage".

According to The Sun, Lucas is “utterly destroyed” by the sad death of his former partner, who he married just three years ago in a panto-themed civil ceremony.  He recently spoke to a gay newspaper and talked of the marriage and following break-up. He said, of the divorce; “Time is a great healer.” Let’s hope this is true, even in a sad case such as this.


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