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Lady Gaga ‘borderline positive’ for lupus

Lady Gaga, PA She’s the world’s biggest pop star, she wears the craziest outfits ever and she is currently embarking on a huge world tour, so you’d be forgiven for assuming Lady Gaga is indestructible. However, she has recently shed light on the family disease that she may have too.

Last week, Lady Gaga admitted to The Times that her aunt died of lupus, and that she herself also has suffered from “heart palpitations” and “fatigue”. Fans have been worried about the Bad Romance singer, but in an interview with CNN’s Larry King, she said she “doesn’t show any of the signs of the disease”.

However, she revealed she has been “tested borderline positive for the disease” but claims she takes good care of herself.

The American star, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has previously stated she would rather “die on stage” than leave it because she felt ill. She recently collapsed on stage in New Zealand, but refused to leave.

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