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Kerry Katona signs Peter Andre’s manager

Kerry Katona, PA It’s not been an easy couple of years for ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona. but things seem to be on the up for the reality TV regular, after reports say she has recently hired a new manager to take care of her career.

Claire Powell, Peter Andre’s manager, has agreed to work with Kerry and has banned her from speaking to husband Mark Croft, who she has recently separated from. She is also helping the 29-year-old kick drugs by making her take regular drug tests.

"Kerry knows this is her last chance,” Claire said. “There will be no drugs and no Mark. She has signed a legal document agreeing to that."

Not only does Kerry have the help of one of the best celebrity managers in the business, but she has recently lost her excess weight after going to a fitness camp and is looking better than ever. Things definitely seem to be looking up!

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