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Kerry Katona on her ‘car crash’ life

7241499 Kerry Katona has finally opened up about the turbulent past few years of her life, labelled by the press as a ‘car crash’.

The former Atomic Kitten has revealed details about her marriage to Mark Croft in an interview with New Of The World, alongside a photo shoot to show off her newly improved body.

“For the first time, I want to talk about everything – the drugs, my marriage break-up, everything. I feel shame, guilt, but also relief. I’m finally owning up to the person I’ve been these past few years,” she said.

The 29-year-old mum admitted that she “hated” her life: “I’d lie in bed for three days in a row doing cocaine with Mark… I wasn’t being the mother I wanted to be. I knew doing drugs was wrong.”

She also revealed that her marriage to Mark was mostly based on drugs: “Our relationship was just about coke. It wasn’t glam.”

Kerry, who was infamously axed from her £130,000 advertising contract with Iceland last year, has also claimed that she doesn’t know where her £6.8 million fortune has gone.

However, things are starting to look good for the reality TV star. She has enlisted Claire Powell (Peter Andre’s manager) to help her get her career back on track, and she has left Mark for good.

“I’m 30 this year. I’m bankrupt, but I’m going to work my backside off to make a life again for my kids.”

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