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Katie Price’s unusual book launch

Katie Price has hit the headlines again, by dressing her boyfriend up to look like her for the launch of her new book, Standing Out.Alex Reid (Rex)

The glamour girl persuaded her cage-fighter boyfriend, Alex Reid, and three other male friends to dress up like her in one of the most unusual photo shoots that has ever taken place. The other (very obliging) men to take part in the stunt were her trainer Andrew Gould, her brother Danny and her friend Phil Turner. The mum-of-three dressed up too, in a Marylin Monroe style wig.

As shocking as this stunt might seem, it seems that Reid’s love of cross-dressing might be the catalyst for it. It was recently revealed that the 34-year-old is a fan of dressing up in women’s clothing.

When asked about the whole event, Price said: "This is all tongue-in-cheek, we’re all having a laugh and we really enjoyed it.”

Price has recently gained a lot of media attention due to her comments earlier this week about her ex-husband Peter Andre’s alleged affair with their manager, Claire Powell. Both Andre and Powell have denied her accusations and are said to be taking legal action.

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