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Jack Tweed charged with rape

Jack Tweed the widower of Jade Goody has been charged with the rape of a 19-year-old girl.
According to a report in The Sun, the girl, who remains anonymous, accused Jack of forcing her to have sex with him whilst his friend also joined in. She met Jack in a London nightclub and was later taken back to his bachelor pad in Woodford Green, Essex. Last week his home was stormed by police and he was arrested and taken to a London Station.  Jack was remanded in custody until September 21 and he has now been transferred to Pentonville Prison, North London where he is awaiting trial. He’s reported to be in a cell on his own with guards monitoring him in case he is attacked my inmates. A close friend was also arrested, but was later released on police bail.                                                                                                                                                                  
Ever since his wife Jade died his attitude and behaviour seems to be spiralling out of control.  There have been various reports of wild behaviour which includes all-night parties, heavy drinking and sleeping with an array of girls. The 22-year-old was also criticised by Jade’s family as he failed to turn up to a special memorial service for her.  Both friends and family are stunned by his behaviour, one friend told The Sun: “I can’t believe they’d be so dumb. They’ve got their whole lives ahead of them with privileges most people can only dream about. We’re all shocked".
This new allegation of rape seems to be the final straw and Jade’s Grandfather John Caddock said: “I can’t believe he’s been charged with rape. It would’ve left Jade heartbroken had she still been alive".
If found guilty, how do you think he will cope with prison and what do you think his sentence will be?


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