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Dawn French and Stephen Fry top popularity survey

Dawn French and Stephen Fry, PA Photos

A recent survey, in association with the new Freixenet Cava Week campaign, has revealed a lot about how us Brits are feeling about the recession.

Over 2,000 British adults were asked which celebrity would be the most fun to spend time with. Dawn French topped the female poll with an astounding 40% of the votes, and Stephen Fry, our favourite Tweeter, received 20% of the male celebrity vote. Clearly in times as hard as these, people would rather be around someone funny and ‘larger-than-life’ than someone like Sienna Miller, who only received 1% of the vote for female celebs.

X Factor darling Cheryl Cole came second after French with 11% of the vote, and it turns out that charming chat show host Paul O’Grady is also popular, receiving 14%.

Camilla Dallerup, the current Strictly Come Dancing champion, is the face of the campaign, and is hoping to inject a bit more fun and glamour into the lives of us beaten-down Brits with the launch of the new Cava ‘Elyssia’.

Other results showed that a sizable 23% of people would rather have a glass of fizz in their bed than any other kind of food or drink, such as a cup of tea, which only got 6%of the votes. Sounds alright to us!

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