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Dannii Minogue talks Botox and bullies

Dannii Minogue has opened up about Botox and the men in her life in a new interview with Grazia.

Dannii Minogue (PA Photos) The 37-year-old admitted she had used Botox in the past but said she is now going for a more natural look. “I see the comments. Plastic. All Botox. I can see what people see, but I have to say that – while I have been open about doing it before – I’m not doing it now. For The X Factor, it is actually quite useful to be able to have facial expressions!”

The Minogue sister also said she credited Simon Cowell for saving her career. “This show is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. It’s astonishing,” Dannii said of X Factor. “Let’s face it. Simon Cowell is looking down at God, judging him. To be around that is incredibly exciting, and an honour. He is definitely a man with incredible appeal – his power, his magnetism and his raw honesty.”

Dannii also revealed she almost quit X Factor due to Louis Walsh’s bullying, which even led to tears during one live show last year. “I made it very clear that if it was going to be anything like that again, then I didn’t want to go there. I’m not made of steel.

“It got heated on and off set,” she continued. “There are only so many times I can be pushed around. It was absolutely horrible. I would never want to go through that again or see anyone else go through it.”

Thankfully, Louis apologised to Dannii and the four judges are back on our screens for the new series of X Factor from August 22.

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