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Abbey Clancy flees to Spain

Abbey Clancy has fled to Spain to be with her mum following the news of fiancé Peter Crouch’s alleged infidelities.

The England striker, who has been engaged to the model for 13 months, reportedly cheated on Abbey with a teen prostitute while at a friend’s stag party in July, shortly after the couple were spotted on a romantic holiday together.

The 29-year-old footballer allegedly paid 19-year-old Monica Mint £800 to perform sexual acts on him in a taxi and at a hotel.

Abbey, 24, is said to be struggling with the news and is deciding what to do about their future. She has been spotted without her engagement ring on, but there is no indication yet as to what will happen to the couple. Peter has temporarily moved out of their Surrey home to live with his parents.

The 6ft 7in sportsman is the latest in a line of disgraced footballers, including John Terry and Ashley Cole, who have cheated on their partners with other women. Abbey was spotted earlier this week seeking advice from John Terry’s wife Toni, who famously reconciled with her shamed husband after his alleged infidelities.

They have been together since 2006.

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