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Take That’s new party pooper

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

So I’ve had a week to digest the news…

In my head, all I ever wanted since that momentous time in 1996 when I had a little cry at a friend’s birthday party over the split of my favourite boyband ever, was for them to get back together, all five of them, as if nothing happened. We would all live happily ever after, I would continue to sport my TT duffle bag, croptop, dogtags, earrings etc and deface my bedroom from wall to wall with posters and cuttings with all the enthusiasm from when I first harassed my Mum into buying all this highly essential merchandise for me.

Unfortunately, the four-piece Take That incarnation didn’t do it for me as it was never the same after Robbie left, like missing that all important little toe that keeps you standing upright.. or something. But now that my supposed dream has come true, I can’t help but feel the chemistry isn’t quite right after all that turbulent water that passed under the bridge previously. I guess though, we all grow up, forgive and forget, and become more adept at noticing where those potential pound signs are. Yes, I sound cynical but the current evidence troubles me as the publicity machine ensues.

Am I the only one who thinks the guys looked a bit awkward in their initial reunited-in-the-studio video clip? Is Rob still the biggest ego in the room as he sings the Take That @ Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party 1993 © PA Imagesloudest at the piano and only comfortably looks at Mark, never really going too near Jason and Howard, not really looking at ease? Is it all a bit forced? Their website shot looks like Jason and Robbie are squaring up for a barney. Maybe I’m just being bitchy but see what you think…

The Robster’s massive solo record deal is coming to an end with the last album on this deal In and Out of Consciousness – Greatest Hits 1990-2010 being released in October conveniently featuring two brand new Gary Barlow-penned tunes. Reportedly, there’s also going to be a spoof video starring the two old friends for forthcoming Robbie single Shame that could make for a good laugh, or a painful cringe-fest. Apparently labels are fighting over a his new solo contract but Robbie is set to hang with the band for a year at least.

Sneakily, the five guys have been writing material for the group’s new album since last year and drafted in electro-pop producer Stuart Price (who’s just worked on Kylie’s new album amongst others) in an attempt to keep in with current music trends and give the record a dancier edge. Twenty years after Take That first performed and fifteen years after their last album as a quintet, could it be magic again? (sorry I had to get one in there). They’ve been seen larking about filming the video for new single The Flood in rowing boats on a lake, so maybe that will come around before the Shame video, or instead of…

Take That in 1990 © PA Images Now don’t get me wrong, I was a dedicated Thatter back in the day and a fan of solo Robbie, circa I’ve Been Expecting You was undeniably epic. I just don’t really want to welcome new-age Take That into my life now. If they were going to go all out purely with the old stuff on a reunion tour, I’d be well up for it but I’m worried that that old-school cheesey pop charm that they were all about originally could be lost by trying too hard to be different with new material.

The old geezers are looking pretty fit and not sounding too bad vocally to be fair, so I’ll just have to sit back and watch how the highest profile boy/manband reunion of the millennium so far, unfolds… To get over my party pooper-ness and until the new stuff surfaces I’m going to stick on my Take That and Party video tape and reminisce about the good old days.


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