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Springsteen To Boss Glasto 2009

After the bashing they took for booking rapper Jay-Z to headline last year, it seems Glastonbury organisers Michael and Emily Eavis are playing it ultra-safe this time.

Not only is rock legend Bruce Springsteen topping the bill on the Saturday night, the other confirmed (or at least strongly rumoured) headliners are Neil Young, Coldplay, and the newly reformed Blur.

Am I the only one who feels a bit depressed by this?

I can’t say I blame the Eavises. 2008 was Glastonbury’s annus horribilis. Not only did it fail to sell out for the first time in many years, its whole raison d’etre was questioned openly in the media – including by me.

My concern is that last year’s attempt to shake things up will be written off as a never-to-be-repeated bad idea when it was only the execution that was misguided.

Speaking in advance of Glasto 2008, Michael Eavis said, "We’re trying to get youngsters to the festival this year. Hopefully the headliner will appeal to them. Traditionally we’ve had a very white line up and I’m moving away from that."

His worries about the festival becoming progressively more middle-aged and middle-class were entirely valid. I’m just hoping this year’s lineup isn’t evidence that he’s abandoned that idea permanently.


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