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So we dance… in French

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

Screw language barriers.

My little brother recently returned from getting tomatoes thrown at him at an annual festival in Spain (each to their own) and came back bitten by the bug of Rwandan/Belgian gentleman Stromae’s pan-European anthem Alors On Danse.

Yolanda Be Cool vs D Cup hit the number one spot earlier this Summer with We No Speak Americano (albeit with minimal lyrics), now Alors On Danse is the latest monster foreign language dance hit about to land in the UK after going to number one in 11 countries across the continent.

Having created a massive online following partly due to his quirky ‘lessons in how to make a hit’, talented fellow Stromae, known to his Mum as Paul, rather humbly wrote and produced the track at home (and directed the video). With a musical background in hip hop and rap, he infuses Alors On Danse with a healthy dose of lyrical substance and wordplay whilst keeping the visual fun through the video. Admittedly, my GCSE in French didn’t stretch to understanding it all upon first listen but the translation is awesome and the beat is scandalously catchy.

The inverted maestro has a global hit on his hands and it will be gracing UK shores, airwaves and earwaves very soon as it’s due for release on September 6.


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