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Sade soldiers on

Ever since the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the 1960s, this country’s had a proud tradition of musicians breaking America. Of these though, it seems to me that Sade has always been the least appreciated. Even Leona Lewis gets more kudos, and even she’d admit that was all down to the backing of a certain Mr Cowell and a certain Mr Davis.

Sade had no such help.

I reckon it’s down to British audiences being more fickle than their American counterparts. I can’t remember where I read it now but I recall someone once saying that if you have a top 10 album in America, you’ve got a career for life. The sheer size of the place means you’ll have enough fans to sustain a decent living.

That just isn’t the case here. Also, fashion moves much, much faster in Britain, so if you take too long between albums or have a bit of a flop, it can be game over.

Sade has never had a flop but she’s not exactly been prolific either. Her new album, called Soldier Of Love, released on February 8th, is her first in 10 years, which is probably why there’s not been a great deal in the UK media about it.

It’s a different story in the States, where some of their biggest stars have been lining up to proclaim their excitement at its release. Check out these

“This is why I still have a blog, this is so much better than anything else out there..to be part of a moment like this…how much better than everything else is this?????!!!!!” – Kanye West

"Sade is one of the most elegant, natural, sensual and impactful voices of our time!  There is no one in the world like her who can touch the very spirit of any soul from any walk of life.  She is the essence of music, that which brings us all together.  She makes her own rules, everyone else just seems to follow. She is a priceless gift that illuminates and I’m so grateful for the way she has touched and inspired my life." -Alicia Keys

Sade is a seemingly timeless centerpiece of music. Her choice of lyrics and melodies brilliantly compliment her velvet tone. My dream is to go wherever she is and record her next album. – Pharrell Williams

"When it comes to sexy, smooth, elegant R+B music, Sade IS the standard.  I can’t wait to hear her new work." – Christina Aguilera

Not bad going, eh? Sometimes you just don’t appreciate what you’ve got at home.


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