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Robbie/Gary Shame Video Premiere

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

‘What a shame we never listened, I told you through the television… I got busy throwing everybody underneath the bus’ are just some of the lyrics from the highly-anticipated duet between former Frenemies, Take Thatters Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow.

Like the guitar-fuelled love/regret song, the video follows this theme with Robbie and Gary sort of falling for each other in a hazy ‘bromance’ as they so elegantly coined it on his website this morning. The brain behind the vid is a gent called Vaughan Arnell who’s responsible for some of Robbie’s most iconic solo video efforts.

It’s a good little pop song with a well-needed dose of tongue-in-cheekness which saves the video, and the song, from being a cringe-y cheese fest . Nice one guys.

This tune introduces us to Robbie’s new greatest hits album before the original Take That five-piece are finally reunited towards the end of 2010, after a decade and a half apart.


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