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Power To The People

We’re into a new year now, and it doesn’t do to dwell, but I just wanted to say one more thing about this Christmas number one business. According to news reports, it seems as though X Factor producers are considering bringing the 2010 final forward a week to avoid a repeat of the humiliation they suffered at the hands of Rage Against The Machine (or, more accurately, the Facebook campaign which adopted Killing In The Name as its theme tune) a few weeks ago.

Really? You mean, it was as easy as that? In the grand scheme of things it’s a very small victory, some might even say pointless, but I for one am heartened to see democracy in action for a change. So why stop now?

They can bring X Factor forward a week but who’s to say there can’t be another campaign to stop the winner automatically going to number one, whenever their single comes out?

This one isn’t over by a long chalk.


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