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Not her old self – Christina A video exclusive

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

Moan, moan, moan. A lot of non-US folk in cyberspace are going on about not being able to view the new Christina Aguilera video but thankfully our dear friends at MSN have come up with the exclusive goods.

If Not Myself Tonight was one end of the ‘looks’ spectrum, the video for You Lost Me is at the opposite end. Far from the energetic, vampy sexed-up character in her last vid, a pared down Christina mooches around a derelict room in baggy house clothes, all forlorn. A woman scorned who’s done the angry lashing out bit and is now in reflective mode. The vibe is intimate and eerie with the powerful emotional Xtina delivery that gives her ballads that oomph and is bound to provide an anthem for many a heartbroken soul.

Apart from the strange effects about quarter of the way in where Christina’s face goes a funny colour and the bizarre part-orangeness of her hair, it’s a good vid, in a non-spectacular, simple-but-powerful, suitable-for-the-song kind of way. Check it out and see what you think…


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