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Missing Being N-Dubz

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

I feel a bit sad. It’s now come to an end but for the last six weeks of my life, I’ve spent my Monday nights with Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer from N-Dubz… albeit via headcams in their fly on the wall TV show which has had me laughing, smiling, and sympathising with Tulisa throughout.

Although there was a certain level of hamming it up for the cameras as is with all reality shows, there was a feeling that 99.8% of the goings on were ‘real’. We met the N-Dubz entourage and family, went on holiday, into the studio, horseriding and boxing, Glastonbury, house hunting and even to the toilet, in a million-pound house, with them. Ew.

N-Dubz © PA ImagesAs I stated in a previous article, this group is like Marmite for the masses, but I defy anyone with a heart not to be a little more endeared to the terrible trio after seeing their antics in this show. Undeniably hardworking, smart in a lot of ways but immature in others (feta cheese face slap anyone?), family-devoted, dedicated and talented with a devout following of younger ‘N-Dublettes’, I reckon the older less-inclined-to-be-a-fan crowd may be surprised at how they might enjoy the show more than they would expect (as proven with one of my friends who was a little anti previous to me coercing him into watching it).

I’m calling for a series two. Following them around whilst they try and win over the Americans is bound to be amusing. Here are a couple of gripes from me that I think should be taken into account should this follow up series materialise though:

  1. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea/suitable/funny for Lynda Bellingham to be the voiceover?! I never want to hear her say ‘you go girlfriend’ ever again, she’s the Oxo lady not Lynny from the block for goodness sake.
  2. What’s up with the Jonathan Shalit (slightly older, bespectacled manager) constant on camera presence and narrative? It’s called Being N-Dubz, not Advertising Jonathan.

For now, NaNa and Duku yourself until next time…


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