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Meeting Katy Perry

Last Wednesday was quite something. Katy Perry is the subject of this month’s MSN Xclusives, so I was dispatched to Claridges to spend an hour in her company.

Yes, I know, but someone had to do it.

So anyway, La Perry was fashionably late. In fairness, she was only half an hour behind the newly revised schedule. The problem was that this had been emailed to me overnight and I’d not seen it, meaning I was two hours early. Ah well, some people are worth waiting for, even if you’ve not had any lunch. Even if you’re starving and the reason you’re hanging around a hotel lobby is because they’re having lunch.

I found some complimentary biscuits to keep me going so I was on a bit of a sugar rush when she finally arrived and apologised rather charmingly for her ‘tardiness’. Not a word you hear every day. I was also reeling from my discovery that Claridges charge £75 for room service scrambled eggs. How the other half live, eh?

Once Katy had put her radio mic up her dress (causing everyone else in the room to look away out of politeness, only to discover that she could be seen even more clearly in the mirror), she sat down and was charm itself; funny, self-deprecating, and generally the total opposite of a diva.

You can see the results here.

Then I had to run off to interview Robbie Williams. Told you it was quite a day.


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