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Let’s Get Together

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

Now that I’m old enough to go to concerts on my own, it’s only polite that many of my favourite nineties and noughties bands are literally jumping on the reunion bandwagon so I may oblige. Here are some upcoming get-togethers I’m getting into a tizz over…

  Damage © PA ImagesDamage

I can just about contain myself as the the 90s British RnB boy band will be returning *squeal* this month playing some live gigs across the country.

Andrez Harriott, Coree Richards, Rahsaan Bromfield, Jade Jones and Noel Simpson are probably best known for the tune Ghetto Romance but from their first hit single Love II Love I was in love with these lot, cassette album and all. Interestingly, one of their former producers, Steve Mac, is currently sprinkling some magic on JLS’ forthcoming album…

  Ace of Base

Spawning the mahoosive anthems: All That She Wants, The Sign and Don’t Turn Around were this sassy Swedish quartet. After their initial run of success they toured as a three-piece during the noughties without blonde girl Linn, but last year brunette girl, Jenny, left too.

Fear not though, the band are back, albeit with the original ladies having been replaced with two younger models, Clara and Julia. Jonas and Ulf, original male members and the writing and production powerhouses behind the band’s biggest hits, are still hard at work and their recent leaked track Mr Replay makes it feel like they never left us. In the last 24 hours they confirmed on Twitter that the lead single from their new album is All For You which will be doing the rounds in Europe very soon.


Now although each Blue boy seems to be wrapped up in various solo projects at present, some clever bunny has worked out that ladies like me who are starved of the boyband loveliness we were awash with 10-15 years ago would enthusiastically accept the awesome phwoarsome back into Blue © PA Imagesour lives. A reunion has been circulating the rumour mill for a while but it seems after stints in theatre, solo music projects, acting, TV presenting, DJ-ing, modelling and fatherhood, a comeback is imminent.

Throwing a few spanners in the reunion works… Simon is tied in to Sister Act in the West End, Anthony is starring in Popstar! The Musical, Duncan is on the panel for new Emma-Bunton-hosted-Glee-esque-fest TV show, Don’t Stop Believing and Lee has recently released his solo single I Am Who I Am but the corresponding album has reportedly just been shelved by the record label. Hmmm…

There is definitely new Blue material on the horizon though, with the boys having been in the studio Stateside with ‘Jay-Z’s people’, working with Ne-yo, and Ray Ruffin, the bloke who mastered their golden oldies Too Close and If You Come Back. Lee is certainly feeling confident about the reunion anyway, tweeting a few days ago: ‘Blue are getting back together and we have started recording! Blue are gonna smash it!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Xxx’ Guys, hurry up, please ‘cause I cant wait either.


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