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Jesus Lives?

25 years ago, a dance-pop group of very naughty boys called Frankie Goes To Hollywood released a single called The Power Of Love. If you’re too young to remember them, they belong to an era when genuinely hedonistic, subversive people made successful pop music. If you’re too old, imagine an S&M Gerry and The Pacemakers and you’ll be somewhere close.

Anyway, the video featured, believe it or not, a nativity scene (below):

Baby Jesus 1 

Now I’m quite sure this piece of news isn’t exactly unrelated to their recently released Greatest Hits collection but it’s an interesting little nugget nonetheless. Apparently their record company is trying to track down the baby (well, 25 year-old adult as he would be now) who played Jesus in the video. All anyone knows is that he’s probably Israeli as that’s where the video was shot.

I’ve been asked to spread the word of their search and of course I’m happy to oblige in exchange for a reasonably pleasant lunch. So if you have any idea who and/or where ‘Jesus’ is, get in touch by emailing info@dawbell.com


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