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Jay-Z wants wor Cheryl

Well, don’t we all? Turns out that Beyonce’s other half is more interested in managing her career Stateside though. According to a report in The Sun, the Jiggaman is a big fan of X Factor. Do you really believe that? No, neither do I, but you don’t go from being a New York street hustler to running a multi-million dollar empire without an eye for an opportunity and it seems as though Cheryl represents just that.

According to the man himself, "There is nobody in the US like her right now, and I would be very interested in helping her break the US market this year. Bey has seen her perform and she told me how impressed she was. I checked her out and I was impressed as well."

I’m sure he was.

But what does he mean about there being nobody like her in the US? They’ve got millions of nice-looking women with limited singing voices. Maybe he’s hoping the Geordie accent will prove a winner.


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