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Going on about Glee

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

Hello, my name’s Tina and I’m addicted to Glee on TV.

Oh, how I’ve missed it. On screen, with music, drama and dance routines it’s so cheesy, but that’s what makes it sooo good. I am however, not such a fan of Glee in ‘real life’ (therefore I will only refer to the cast by their character names).

Recent news that has upset me, is that the guy who plays hottie Puck is soon releasing a solo album. I adore his Glee character but after listening to Higher Power from the aforementioned album, which slightly rips off Robbie Williams’ Supreme, my ears felt violated.

Also surging forward with their solo effort is the real life Mr Schu, who is due to release an album of his own later this year. He caught a bit of Brit fever earlier this Summer joining Leona Lewis on stage during her tour and snogging Kelly Brook whilst he was in London working on his record, which he described as ‘a cross between Michael Bublé and Justin Timberlake’. Sounds strange but intriguing…

Although Glee on TV has spawned many a chart hit following each episode, I wouldn’t choose to listen to the club-sung tunes outside of the television programme, I just can’t do the theatrical sound without the visual accompaniment. Millions of fellow Gleeks have proven otherwise, making Glee the act that has had the ‘Most Top 75 singles in a year’ racking up an impressive 45 successful tracks, and that’s without counting five top five albums.

Glee cast © PA ImagesIt’s been an entertainment industry phenomenon to say the least and will be returning to our screens around late September. Hooray! So let’s look forward to Season two gracing our eyes and ears with more marvellous mash ups, Finnchel and Wemma dilemmas, and previous fringe characters getting more airtime in addition to a host of new faces.

There’s going to be Britney and George Michael-themed shows, an appearance from hunky actor Javier Bardem and rumours surrounding the highly-anticipated Superbowl episode throwing up names such as Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Prince and The Beatles. I cant wait!

Until then, throw your L signs up Gleeks! L


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