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Going home with The Script

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

What better way for one of Ireland’s finest music exports, than to hold your sophomore album launch party in a brewery in your hometown? Perfect. Well, it was pouring with rain but we were indoors, so *raspberry* to the weather.

Location: The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.
Hosts: The Script.

The Script - Mark, Danny and GlenThe lads exclaimed that it was ‘great to be home’ and that they were chuffed at organising a drink-up in a brewery just down the road from band member Mark’s house, where most of the songs on the new album Science and Faith were written.

Kicking off the 45-minute set was track one from S+F called You Won’t Feel A Thing before the trio took it back with their 2008 debut single We Cry.

Revealing that the next song Nothing was about lead singer Danny drunkenly calling his ex made many in the crowd smirk knowing that most of us had been in that sticky situation before…

The Script @ the Guinness Storehouse My favourite track from the first album The Man Who Can’t Be Moved was electrifying live, with the audience singing along a capella towards the end of the song. 

With plenty of addictive ooh ooh ing came the new album’s title track Science and Faith and current UK top five single, For The First Time (the video of which features a certain U2 frontman’s daughter) a poignant take on the effect of the economic crisis in Ireland.

Wrapping up proceedings was the heart-rending Breakeven which had everyone singing ‘I’m falling to pieeeces’ before some of us were almost falling in a different way a few hours later after a few too many of the home brew in the aptly-named Gravity Bar upstairs 😉

Featuring powerful pop-rock songs with beautiful heartfelt lyrics that are bound to resonate to even the coldest of hearts, The Script have produced a stunning follow-up to their multi-platinum first album, and I’m sure they’ll have great success taking their Irish charm global once again.

Science and Faith is out now


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