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Girls Aloud without Nadine, nooo

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

Allegedly they’ve ‘grown apart’ and ‘It’s been a painful decision… the future of Girls Aloud lies without Nadine.’

Girls Aloud © PA Images Someone has got to be having a laugh… I’m an avid fan of the girls as a five piece and when I saw them live at Wembley Arena on their Out of Control tour in 2009, it’s clear that Nadine is the most talented vocalist, hence taking most of the singing on. Without her I fear the imbalance will topple the band into crappy ‘talky’ singing or *gasp* lip-synching, they just aren’t as strong without her as is she without them.

If it really has to happen (hope not), I vote Nicola for head girl as she was the strongest live performer, dancing and singing-wise for me and has come a long way since just being ‘the quiet, pale redhead’ one.

The girls are all currently embarking on their own projects so hopefully there’s still a little time to patch things up. Are the gang of four being mean or is Nadine being stubborn? Miaow.

Sort it out please, ladies.


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