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Etta, The Devil You Know

Please excuse the dreadful pun but I had to comment on Etta James’ public savaging of Beyonce which is all over the news this morning.

Ms James, an evidently sprightly 71, seems to have taken exception to Beyonce performing At Last (a song she made famous) at the Obama inauguration ball last month.

The veteran singer told the audience during a show in Seattle yesterday, "You know your president, the one with the big ears? Wait a minute, he ain’t my president", continuing "I tell you that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she gonna get her ass whupped."

In case there was any doubt who she was referring to, she added, "I can’t stand Beyonce."

Well, miaow.

My fondness for Beyonce is well known but even I have to admit she made a bit of a hash of it. If I was being charitable I’d say the emotion of the occasion got to her but I think the truth is her voice isn’t suited to that sort of song.

Anyway, that’s hardly the point.

I just loved the sheer childish spite of Etta James’ rant. The one with the big ears? She gonna get her ass whupped? Brilliant. Who says you have to grow old gracefully?


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