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YOUR favourite flick of last year

I promise you, this will be the last you hear about the best of/worst of the year/decade/millennium. We’ve had quite enough of all this list-making.

But you’re the ones who created this one so it’s your own fault really,

We preached to you, stating emphatically that the best flicks of the year were In The Loop, Pixar’s Up and Moon. Did you agree? No.

No you guys went for Jim Cameron’s planet-conjuring sci-fi epic Avatar.

30% of the 21,000 of you who voted went for the new blockbuster. In second was Star Trek with 16% of the vote and third was shared between Up and Paranormal Activity, both with 13%.

So congratulations Jim Cameron, you have the love of the MSN Movies users to go alongside your special effects Oscar, now please don’t make a speech about being “King of the world”.



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