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The highs and lows of movie blogging

Well what a diverse day yesterday turned out to be – talk about experiencing the highs and lows of the job….

My first port of call was to pop in for a chat with 90210 star Sara Foster about her upcoming horror / thriller Psych: 9 which was fair enough – the film’s not great but she was lovely and very friendly (I’ll post the video up nearer the movie’s release on May 7th) – but then I made possibly my worst call of 2010. I had some time to kill so abandoned the glorious Soho sunshine and went to a lunchtime screening of J.Lo’s new motherhood comedy The Back –Up Plan. Oh boy, what was I thinking? It made Gigli look like Citizen Kane and only further served to highlight the fact that Lopez’s once promising screen career has sunk without a trace. You’ve got to wonder where it exactly went wrong for Jen? U-Turn and Out Of Sight provided a solid foundation while The Cell was suitably innovative but then she started making wishy washy romcoms like Maid In Manhattan and The Wedding Planner before dealing her career a potentially fatal blow with Gigli (anyone remember the ‘gobble gobble’ line?) and she’s never really recovered. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a very capable actress but unless she either starts getting some good advice or picking better scripts it’s only a matter of time before J.Lo becomes straight-to-DVD fodder.

At least I was able to finish on a high – despite hearing some initially middling reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man 2. I won’t bore you with the details ‘cos there are enough reviews out there already but it’s a more than worthy successor to the first film and a really solid blockbuster / popcorn adventure. It was just a shame Paramount didn’t show us a print with the ‘post credits’ scene on it. They did this with the first film too (where Nick Fury turns up to recruit Tony Stark to The Avengers Initiative) but I’m reliably informed that the surprise at the end of this latest adventure is little more than a set-up for another Avengers movie due next year.

But the best thing about yesterday was finding out that the toys are heading north of the border as Toy Story 3 is to get a Special 3D Gala screening at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival on Saturday 19 June. Now it’s fair to say that I’m somewhat of a Pixar obsessive so the chance to see TS3 more than a month before it’s official release might prove too much and I may be packing a bag and jumping on a train to Edinburgh in mid-June.



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