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Snub to Transform Megan’s career?

by Andy Gibbons

Oh dear – it looks like Transformers 3 has just lost one of its major attractions in the shape of Megan Fox. After various rumours doing the rounds, Variety have now confirmed that the brunette bombshell won’t be back as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in the third instalment of ‘giant aliens beating the crap out of each other’ saga. Variety is careful to say that Fox being dropped has nothing to do with “a September interview with a British magazine in which Fox compared (Transformers director Michael) Bay with Adolf Hitler."


So where does this leave Megan? Well it certainly isn’t the end of the world for the 24 year-old. Last year she made waves as a possessed cheerleader in Jennifer’s Body and this summer she’ll get the Wild West all hot under the collar in comic book outing Jonah Hex. She’s also finished filming freak show drama Passion Play while IMDB is linking her with a role in a remake of warrior actioner Red Sonja so I doubt she’ll lose too much sleep about not having to lock horns with Megatron again.

And where does this leave poor old Sam Witwicky’s love life? Well names like Gemma Arterton, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jessica Lownes are all being bandied about as possible replacements but chances are Bay will nab some pouty little starlet from obscurity, give her a low cut top and make her wash his Ferrari.


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