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Nominated?! Us?!

There’s no need to clap. Please, stay in your seats. MSN UK has been nominated for an award – an International Digital Emmy no less!

Kirill – our 2008 sci-fi drama series – represented our first steps into narrative online video. We were impressed with the results as, it seems, were the people over at the International Academy.


Fronted by Pirates Of The Caribbean star David Schofield, Kirill is the story of a renegade scientist secluded in a filthy lab. He knows that a sinister organisation is preying on young science students. But he can’t reach them – it’s all very mysterious.

There are 8 mini-episodes here at the Kirill homepage, but there’s a lot more to it than that. What really distinguishes Kirill are the character blogs that remain integral to the story throughout. Our characters, particularly the young scientist Vivian (Vee Vimolmal), blog their experiences and communicate with each other in text as well as video. This makes the series a unique online experience that wouldn’t work in any other medium.

We’re proud of it and chuffed to bits with the recognition. Fingers are crossed for the awards on March 30. Go Kirill!


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