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Movie on the move

I took a step forwards into the digital age this morning.

I watched a movie on the way to work. It’s now easy to download a flick onto your i-pod or whatever pocket-candy you’ve chosen.

What did I watch? Couples Retreat, which was just made available in the I-tunes store.


I know, I know… it’s hardly a challenging work of cinema to spark the brain-matter. But this is my commute. It’s something lightweight to take my mind off the freezing cold, shoving crowds and depressing train delays that form the South West London transport experience every day. A movie that is essentially a Carribean holiday with a few Vince Vaughn one-liners thrown is just about perfect.

And it was surprisingly fun. I was even able to watch as I tramped my way through the 15-minute walk to my local train station. A traffic accident waiting to happen? I probably was. But I could do that walk blindfolded. Watching the unhappy couples arrive in paradise was a happy distraction from frozen London.

You may be proud of your giant DVD collection just now. But as digital copies like this become more and more accessible and easy-to-watch, you’ll be tempted to go digital and save some space, just like you did with the CDs.


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