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Jake and Gemma talk Prince of Persia

by Andy Gibbons

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time pours into cinemas this weekend and despite all the unfounded hype that usually surrounds a big budget summer blockbuster, it’s actually pretty good.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the courageous Prince Dastan who finds himself in possession of a mysterious dagger which gives the holder time-travelling abilities. Naturally the plot is a load of old waffle but Jake makes a decent hero (and his English accent is MUCH better than Russell Crowe’s), Gemma Arterton is very easy on the eye as Princess Tamina and Sir Ben Kingsley gives the dastardly Nazim the full-on panto villain treatment, complete with evil goatee and oodles of guy-liner.

Of the big summer movies released so far, I’d rate Prince of Persia as the best of the lot. And we at MSN have some cracking interviews with the leading man and lady filmed while they were over to promote the film earlier in the month – just click on their faces below to watch. Enjoy!




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