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Frost and frights….

by Andy Gibbons

So a couple of news stories have caught my eye this morning. Ok, the first is more of a rumour than a bona fide news story but the folks at Forces Of Geek are claiming that Rosamund Pike may well be playing mutant telepath Emma Frost in the increasingly Brit-centric X-Men: First Class. Apparently the former Bond Girl has been seen in the offices of director Matthew Vaughn’s casting director and carrying comic books featuring the character.


I’ve got to say that this all seems very plausible. In the comic books Frost is a good looking blonde (she was named IGN Comic’s "Hottest Comic Book Babe" in 2005) so Pike more than fits the bill and given that First Class looks to be going more-a-less entirely British (James McAvoy is already on board as a young Professor X) with filming due to start in the UK towards the end of the summer, she won’t have to travel far to set – expect official conformation soon!

And in more official news, it’s been announced that Avatar’s second unit director Steven Quale is to take charge of Final Destination 5. Is it just me or is it a bit hard to care? Ok, the original movie was great but as far as I’m concerned, this is one franchise that’s pretty much past it’s sell-by date now. The second and third films were nothing special while last year’s The Final Destination tried to breathe new life into the series by going all 3D so what on earth can a fifth film have to offer that we haven’t seen before? Well you won’t be surprised to hear that Final Destination 5 will also be in 3D and apparently the big set up will involve various people cheating death on a suspension bridge. *yawn*


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