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Counting Down to 24…

Tick… tick… tick… the 24 movie is happening!!

The folks over at Digital Spy took a brief diversion from the subject of Monsters vs. Aliens, which Kiefer was out promoting recently, and this is what he said when pressed about the possibility of some cinematic 24 action – sounds like a Europe-bound 24 adventure is on the cards…

“It’s something that we’ve always talked about because I think the fantastic thing about Europe, for something like 24, is that it’s very feasible to get from Prague to London in the course of a day,”

“It’s just a question of when we’re actually going to make the movie,” he said.


BTW – I was there for that Monsters v Aliens press junket. And may I just say what a thoroughly, THOROUGHLY nice chap Mr Sutherland is. If I ever thought that this was a bad idea and that 24 belongs on TV, I don’t any more. I’m with him whatever he does. Go Jack!! Sorry… go Kiefer!!


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