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Bafta awards 2010: Live

MSN Movies is here to guide you through the awards-dishing glamour-fest of the Bafta awards 2010.

Stay with us throughout the evening from 9pm for live updates and commentary. Sigh… if only Stephen Fry was still presenting.

9pm Nice atmosphere on the red carpet and it’s not raining. Mickey Rourke is bright orange. James Cameron is all smiles. Vanessa Redgrave is getting the fellowship.

Jonathan Ross claims to be a 3d rendering conjured up by James Cameron. Hilarious Ross, really.

Nice montage of the year’s flicks that included The Hangover, The Road and The Informant! Ended nicely on Up. We do that bit so much better than the Oscars.

9.13 Moon SO needs to win this Best British newcomer award. And yup it does. Maybe we’ll be seeing presenter Colin Firth again later. TEARS ON THE FIRST AWARD as director Duncan Jones cracks up. Blimey!

Avatar wins best SFX. "That was a surprise wasn’t it!" says Woss, fittingly.

Best supporting actor goes, inevitably, to Christophe Waltz for Inglourious Basterds. He’s won every award so far this year. The Oscar is his. He gives a nice speech about being a "supported" actor and gushes about QT.

I’m a fan of the Bafta format: we scroll through scenes from the Best Picture nominees across the course of the evening. This look at An Education is making me think perhaps just enough of the British academy voters might have gone for it. Might it stand up to the might of Avatar? I hope so, personally.

Prince William looks bored by the best hair and make-up category. I know how he feels.

Matt Dillon presents Best Supporting Actress. Mo’Nique – the crowd favourite – wins. Director Lee Daniels (he who "polarised America") accepts.

9.40 – Fish Tank wins Best British Film. I was holding out hope for In The Loop but Fish Tank is by far the better awards material. It’s out on DVD now and well worth picking up.

"Erotically charged" vampire actor Robert Pattinson presents Best Original Screenplay. The Hurt Locker wins it and we catch our first sight of director Kathryn Bigelow sitting a comfortable distance away from her ex-husband James Cameron.

The Orange Rising Star award goes to "erotically charged" Twilight actress Kristen Stewart. She gives thanks to the "attentive" twilight fans, perhaps hinting that she’s done with the attention of the twi-hards.

Pete Docter – the director of Up and a particularly nice chap if I do say so myself – accepts the most obvious award of the evening. Good on him.

"Language is no barrier to great storytelling" says a lovely-looking Carey Mulligan as she presents Best Film not in the English language. A Prophet wins.

10.20 Clive Owen presents Best Director. Bigelow vs. Cameron in the battle of the exes… Kathryn Bigelow! Straight to a shot of ex-hubby Jim Cameron clapping. Did she just mouth the words "oh well" in Cameron’s direction?

BEST ACTOR – COLIN FIRTH for A Single Man. "I thought I couldn’t possibly do this until a man came to repair my fridge. I would like to thank the fridge guy."

BEST ACTRESS – MICKEY ROURKE CAN’T READ THE AUTOCUE! Easily the best moment of the night so far as he squints his way through and tells them to slow it down. CAREY MULLIGAN wins.

BEST FILM – Dustin Hoffman can’t read the autocue either. He’s making it up. THE HURT LOCKER!! Jim Cameron isn’t smiling this time. He’s mentally folding up his acceptance speech. Well done Kathryn Bigelow. "This is beyond our wildest imagination thank you!"

Prince William shows up in a horrid double-breasted suit to take the reins of Bafta from the ill Richard Attenborough. Uma Thurman gives the gushy speech before presenting the fellowship to Vanessa Redgrave. I’m surprised she doesn’t have it already. "You’ve done me in," says an overwhelmed Redgrave who gives a touching speech. She blows us all a kiss and it’s good night Bafta. The story tomorrow? "Avatar beaten by Cameron’s ex!"

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