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An early look at… Shrek Forever After

by Andy Gibbons

Thought I would catch the fourth film in the Shrek series while I’m over here in the US and I want to share a few initial thoughts with you as I’m sure a full review will appear nearer the UK release date of July 2nd.

I have to say that after the over-cooked mess that was Shrek The Third, Shrek Forever After is a huge improvement. The plot, which involves Shrek making an ill-advised deal with the shifty Rumpelstiltskin, has a real ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ feel to it as family pressures and a change of lifestyle take their toll. But despite playing the rather predictable ‘mid-life crisis’ card, the script has been pared down dramatically compared to Shrek’s last adventure and puts the focus firmly back on the lead character and his relationship with Fiona. Puss In Boots as usual gets all the best lines but Donkey isn’t far behind (his trick with a pair of eyeballs is brilliant) while the addition of an Ogre Army (which for all the world looks like a Rooney family gathering!) gives us the chance to learn much more about Shrek’s kind in general.

I’d be lying if I said Shrek Forever After is up there with the first two films in the franchise and I have to admit I was surprised that we even got a fourth instalment after the kicking Shrek The Third received from the critics. But the good news is that this does at least give the saga decent closure and allows the grumpy green giant to head off into the sunset with his oddly-shaped head held high.


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