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A franchise with the decency to die…

In times like these, when the 80s’ and 90s’ every hero is being resurrected whether good or bad, it’s fantastically refreshing to encounter a brand with the guts to call it a day and admit defeat. I never thought I’d say this, but we can all learn a little from the Power Rangers.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the long-running series, which spawned two movies in ‘95 and ‘97, has finally bitten the dust.

This news comes in the same week that we hear further word of Beverley Hills Cop 4, Zoolander 2, Twilight 3 (!), Free Willy 4, Fantastic Four 3 and Mad Max 4. The world has gone sequel-crazy!

In this credit crunchy environment, every established brand is being wrung for every $ it’s worth. So it’s nice to see that Power Rangers are biting the dust. I’d love to say that this is entirely due to an ethical decision that the world has had enough Power Rangin’, but the reality is almost certainly that the barrel is dry oin this one.

One franchise calling it a day with its dignity intact is Lethal Weapon (yes, Lethal Weapon 4 WAS good!), despite calls for a last hurrah from Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Apparently, Mel won’t wear the mullet again. Bravo, Mel!

One piece of good news on the sequels front is the announcement of Tron 2, with Jeff Bridges starring and Daft Punk on the soundtrack! I’ll have a write-up of this along with a collection of other sequels that would actually be welcome on the site tomorrow.


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