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Tiger Woods goes topless

Vanity Fair, photograph by Annie Leibovitz In light of the recent reported scandals, you’d be forgiven for being slightly surprised at the appearance of a half-naked Tiger Woods on the front cover of prestigious Vanity Fair magazine.

The golfer, who has recently been dogged by accusations of cheating on his wife with a number of women, is to grace the new issue of the publication. Topless and flexing muscles we didn’t know he had under his golf attire, he shows off the body that comes as a result of training.

Since he crashed his car at the end of November, Woods has been in the media spotlight after reports that he cheated on his wife with several women have kept the world intrigued. The sports star, who was previously thought about as rather quiet (and maybe even a bit boring) has become more famous than ever in recent weeks.

In the issue of Vanity Fair, the pictures (taken in 2006 by Annie Leibovitz) are accompanied by an in-depth look at the story of Woods, and includes interviews with people who have followed his career over the years.

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