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Simon Cowell confirms engagement

Mezhgan joins Simon on Jay Leno's couch, REX It seems Simon Cowell, a man sometimes so scary he can make X Factor contestants cry, has fallen head over heels in love and has even asked his lady to marry him. Who’d have thought it?

The TV judge appeared on US chat show The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and blushed when asked if the rumours about being engaged to girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy were true. He answered carefully, saying: "Are they true? Well, I do have somebody in my life now, Jay, yes. And I kinda made a decision this year to make somebody happy."

The music mogul also said he bought the ring for Mezhgan in ring in the UK. "It’s quite a big one, yes… No, look, I bought her the ring in London.". The make-up artist has been spotted wearing the huge rock on her left hand recently.

Well, he’s certainly not denying the rumours of an impending wedding, and he even claimed he would like to get married in the “next 10 years”. He also talked about the possibility of having kids: "I’m kind of torn because I’m a bit too old to have kids, but then again I think it would be important to have a lot of me’s around in the future."

Aww! Simon and Mezhgan, sitting in a tree…

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