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Rachel Hunter dumped by fiancé

Rachel Hunter has been dumped by her fiancé less than two months before they were due to get married, reports The Sun.

Rachel Hunter and Jarret Stoll (PA Photos) The model had been set to marry Canadian ice hockey star Jarret Stoll – who, at 27, is nearly 13 years her junior – in August. But the tabloid reports that Stoll left the 39-year-old with no explanation, and emailed guests, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone, to announce the wedding was off.

Rachel was married to Rod Stewart in the nineties and they have two teenage children together. They remain close and Rod has reportedly been helping his ex-wife recover from the split. He married Penny Lancaster in 2007 and the pair have a three-year-old son.

Rachel and Jarret had lived together in a £2.2 million in LA, and she had previously insisted she wasn’t worried about the age gap: “It obviously isn’t an issue for us because we wouldn’t be getting married if it was a problem. Of course you talk about it but it was a very easy conversation.”

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