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Jack Tweed jailed for 12 weeks

Jack Tweed has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for assaulting a cabdriver.

Jack Tweed enters court (PA Photos)The court in Harlow heard how the 21-year-old grabbed cabdriver Stephen Wilkins around the throat and threatened to stab him as he drove Jack and three friends home from a nightclub last May.

Jack’s lawyer attempted to get her client’s sentence reduced by detailing how much he has grown up since wife Jade Goody’s illness and death. "Mr Tweed is 21. He was 20 at the time of this offence that took place 11 months ago. There has been no re-offending since that date… He has had to mature, and mature very quickly, in the last few months.

“To say that he is a changed man since May 2008 is perhaps an understatement. He has endured with dignity and maturity very difficult personal circumstances that have been well documented. He is a widower at the age of 21. His previous routine of going out with his friends and getting drunk, like he did in May – all that has been replaced.”

When the sentence was handed down, the magistrate said Jack’s recent good behaviour had been taken into account, and that the normal sentence for such a crime is 18 weeks.

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