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Diamonds ‘stolen’ from Lindsay Lohan shoot

Lindsay Lohan has once again hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, after jewellery went missing from a London photo shoot.

Lindsay Lohan (PA Photos) The jewellery, including a diamond necklace and earrings worth £250,000, went missing from an Elle magazine shoot in Islington on June 6, where the 22-year-old star modelled the gems.

The Sun reports that Dior bosses are livid as the jewellery was made especially for the fashion shoot, and now several people present at the shoot, Lindsay included, could face questioning. “There have been no arrests at this stage. We will speak to a number of people in connection with the inquiry,” a Scotland Yard spokesperson confirmed.

Do you remember when Li-Lo used to be known for her films? That seems like such a distant memory.

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