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Ashley points finger at Cheryl’s mum

Ashley and Cheryl Cole, PA The Daily Mail has reported that Ashley Cole is blaming the breakdown of his marriage on Cheryl’s mum, Joan Callaghan.

Ashley has allegedly claimed their marriage couldn’t “stand a chance” due to the fact his mother-in-law moved into their £6 million Surrey home two years ago. Cheryl was famously close to her mum, and Joan was often seen out and about with the young married couple.

It has also been reported that Ashley, who allegedly cheated on Cheryl several times, begged her not to leave and that he offered to seek treatment for sex addition.

Yesterday Cheryl officially announced she would be separating from her husband of almost four years. Lawyers have said their divorce will be quick and easy. Family lawyer Julian Hawkhead said: "A case where it’s young people and no children and both with lots of money, it should be an easy divorce."

The couple, who didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement before tying the knot, have a £22 million fortune between them.

Cheryl and Ashley’s relationship in pictures

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