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Cheryl Cole told to stop dieting to aid recovery

Cheryl Cole has reportedly been warned by doctors to stop dieting and to take better care of herself to recover fully from malaria.

The singer, who was struck down with the potentially fatal illness after holidaying in Tanzania last month, has been in hospital for over a week battling the disease. Before being admitted to hospital, she collapsed at a photo shoot where it was initially suspected she was suffering from exhaustion.

However, it was later discovered she had contracted malaria after being bitten by a mosquito. As the trip was a last-minute getaway with her friend Derek Hough, she failed to get the necessary injections to protect her from the tropical disease.

Dancing With the Stars winner Derek, who is allegedly dating Cheryl, has said he feels responsible for her condition: “I blame myself for all of this. I convinced Cheryl to come on holiday with me to Tanzania. We might have gone somewhere else if it had been up to her.”

The X Factor judge will miss the Boot Camp stage of the show, and she will also be unable to perform at V Festival in August.

Doctors taking care of the 27-year-old have warned she’ll need to stop dieting and take up yoga to aid her recovery. She famously follows the blood type diet, which means restricting some foods to help keep her in shape.

Her dad, Gary Tweedy, has claimed he doesn’t know how long it will take her to recover: “We don’t know how long she’ll be in hospital, I don’t think the doctors know. We’re just all so relieved she’s all right." However, he added that she is “on the mend”.

Get well soon, Cheryl! X Factor won’t be the same without you!

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