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Time Travelling into Kisstory

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

I’m not talking Doctor Who style time travel but my ears and brain transporting back to the Nineties and early Noughties on the dancefloor of London’s Indigo2 on Saturday night.

Born in the late Eighties, I was gutted at the age of six that I wasn’t able to go to clubs and rave it up to the iconic Dance music I loved at the time. Then, at the age of 13 or so when Garage music infiltrated my life, I encountered the same dilemma and spent countless hours listening to my massive collection of cassette tapes imagining what that club atmosphere would be like…

A daily dose of therapy is welcome via Kisstory on the radio but what better way to smash all my dancing demons than to go the official club night featuring Mr Kisstory, DJ Justin Wilkes and the King of Garage music, DJ EZ?!

On this inaugural club night in South East London, we were treated to live PAs from vocalists of some of the biggest Kisstory anthems. The entire crowd were enthusiasticly shouting along to Baby D’s Let Me Be Your Fantasy, Urban Cookie Collective’s The Key The Secret, Robbie Craig on Artful Dodger’s Woman Trouble and Vula gracing Basement Jaxx classics, including Red Alert and Hush Boy.

With song after song of timeless brilliance from the last 20 years belting out of the speakers, it was difficult tearing myself away from the dance floor and to the bar to top up the old energy levels.

DJ EZ blessed the decks and blasted out a wicked collection of old skool Garage tunes such as Straight from the Heart, Gotta Get Through This, Just in Case in addition to a bit of Nightcrawlers and my all-time favourite, Liquid’s Sweet Harmony.

Ending the night perfectly, Justin played one of the biggest club tunes ever, Faithless’ Insomnia.

Aching from singing/shouting all night (with a cold), constantly throwing my hands in the air and dancing like a loon, I smugly slipped on my flat shoes and headed home, happy that the six year old in my head made it to the club.

Kisstory club nights are held monthly at Indigo2


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