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Taylor Made For Success

taylor I hate to say ‘I told you so’ (ok, I don’t mind really) but Taylor Swift going straight in at number two in the charts yesterday with Love Story, her debut UK single, proves I was right to include her in my Ones To Watch article before Christmas.

She didn’t feature in any of the cooler-than-thou lists put out by the likes of the BBC, NME, The Observer etc… at the back end of last year.

No doubt the people who put those other lists together would say they’re only in the business of predicting ‘credible’ talent. Well, in the immortal words of a Big Brother contestant from some years ago whose name I forget, "Two words – whatever". 

The music’s not really to my taste either (think Avril Lavigne crossed with Shania Twain) but surely the point of these things is to predict who is going to sell records and be all over the radio in the 12 months ahead?

Music snobbery is a terrible thing. Mind you, so is being smug so I’ll shut up now.


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