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Not so much loving the Love the Way You Lie video

Guest Blogger: Tina Hart

Finally the video for Love the Way You Lie has aired featuring Eminem and Rihanna. Em’s field scenes are stunning, Rihanna provides the perfect chorus, her hair rocks and so does the burning house and people but my verdict is in, and honestly, I preferred the song without the video, sorry.

They harped on about the serious nature of the track with the theme of abusive relationships prior to this highly-anticipated vid, then threw in pin-up Megan Fox and Rihanna adorned in a very very low cut top and hot pants… hmmm. Doesn’t really work for me in keeping with the ‘serious’ tone and not getting the boys, and girls, distracted by scantily clad women, telling by many of the comments on a certain online video channel anyway.

Dominic Monaghan (aka Charlie from Lost) and Megan Fox (aka Mikaela from Transformers) ‘kind of’ play out the Eminem and Kim characters, according to Mr Monaghan in a recent interview, and we see them go through the spectrum of fighting, loving, hating and contemplating in the four and a half minutes.

The song is awesome and intense and I don’t deny Em and RiRi put their hearts and souls into it, it just didn’t translate as well onto screen for me.

Roll on the ‘arty’ Kanye vid…


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